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At Natural Weight Loss Florida you will discover a fast and natural way to lose weight. We utilize The Sadkhin Hunger Management System, which is a combination of acupressure, intermittent fasting and nutrition. 

For 30 years, The Sadkhin Method® has been known across The United States to practice the only natural (and patented) method for achieving complete Hunger Control and introducing hunger management as a main element for naturally safe weight loss. Dr. Sadkhin implemented the use of 16 biologically active points (Sadkhin Points®) through acupressure to effectively reduce hunger, dissolve fatty tissue, and maintain long-term weight loss results and wellness. Combined with The Sadkhin Method® is a specific temporary food plan consisting of fruits, vegetables and dairy or lactose free alternatives. 


One-on-One Coaching

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Our Certified Sadkhin Practitioners provide individualized care and support.  Whether you have 10lbs to lose or 100lbs, we will be there every step of the way.  We discuss all factors to ensure you are set up for success. We want you to not only reach your goals, but also to be able to sustain them.


All Natural, Drug Free and Highly Effective

SadkhinTherapy® is an affordable, revolutionary, non-invasive, fast, natural and healthy weight loss solution. It’s great for busy people, who have little time to exercise or adhere to diets.

After initial FREE CONSULTATION, your Certified Sadkhin Practitioner will apply two Sadkhin Spheres™, one behind each ear. Those spheres are not transferable and need to be adjusted every 10-12 days by your Practitioner.  Only a Certified Sadkhin Practitioner knows how to properly position your unique Sadkhin Spheres™. 

The initial consultation is always FREE. Expect spending under $350 (first month), and around $240 each additional month on the program. Average weight loss is 20-25lbs. per month.

Sustaining your weight loss results on The Sadkhin Method® is easier than you think.  Our post-maintenance set of easily adaptable rules and yearly Sadkhin Weight Loss Boost Up Program™ will ensure long term results. 

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