Expected Benefits

  • Typical weight loss of 20-25 lbs. in just 1 month!
  • Zero side effects, live a healthier life!
  • Natural weight loss.  No Chemicals, No Surgery, No Heavy Exercising!
  • Detoxify your body to accept weight loss through metabolic removal of fatty tissue.
  • Sustainable! We will teach you how to regulate your body's metabolism.
  • Affordable!  You can even use your Health Savings Account.
  • One-on-One coaching.  Customized program.


How it Works

As featured on NBC, Fox, ABC and NY1, The Sadkhin Method® achieves complete Hunger Control and introduces hunger management as a main element for natural, fast, and completely safe weight loss. Dr. Sadkhin implements the use of 16 biologically active points (Sadkhin Points®) through a technique called chrono-stimulation to effectively 

  • reduce hunger
  • dissolve fatty tissue
  • maintain long-term weight loss results and wellness 

In order to provide the body with proper nutrients to sustain a healthy function, we have combined our method with a specific temporary food plan consisting of fruits, vegetables and dairy or lactose free alternatives that include many options for Vegans.

Limited Time Special

FREE in-house consultation and body fat index measurement

What Our Clients are Saying

VICTORIA S. I am in awe, my experience with Beth has been nothing but amazing.  She keeps me focused and motivated by calling or texting... she has totally help me transition into a healthy way of eating/lifestyle.  As of today I am down 25 pounds in 6 weeks, and I feel amazing.  Beth is the best, I wish I could give her 10 stars ⭐️

Lana Beth is very professional. She is a great coach and mentor. This diet really simplifies weight loss, especially the way she coaches you. Would definitely recommend for someone looking to get in shape.

Josephine I am forever grateful for this experience I can’t say enough about not only the weight I’ve lost but gaining clarity in areas I had hidden issues in my tissues that I reached for food for comfort .  I am now able to connect to the healthier version of myself . I recommend it to everyone not just for the diet but the detoxification of thoughts .
Thanks to Beth and hear healing energy I’m transformed in the area of life I felt stuck !
Thank you 🙏

Wendy Beth is a true joy to work with. My daughter and I met her in the Spring of this year and Beth helped both of us achieve rapid and sustainable weight loss. I was losing faith in being successful in weight loss after being diagnosed with a Thyroid condition several years ago. It was exciting to see the scale finally go in the opposite direction for a change. Beth not only assisted us in meeting our weight loss goals, she helped us gain control of what and how we were eating. She does not judge and allows you to discuss your challenges, while offering tips on how to get back or stay on track. I feel I have gained a true friend who understands the challenges we all face with maintaining a healthy weight.

Dawn program works so fast you get inspired by the success...Beth is great ... very supportive ... has great tips and tricks to make it even easier..... and she has a spider sense to text you as your weakening to temptation.. and turn you back to the path..... program is a great find...and Beth makes it better

Barbara The Sadkhin Method is a way of life.A bit challenging to begin but proven successful if followed. I lost 10 lbs. My personal experience was very positive and the support given by Beth was wonderful. 

Bella Lee I just started the Sadkhin diet.  I will have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first.  I have always had a hard time losing weight.  I am a believer now!  The first week I LOST 10 POUNDS!  I was pleasantly amazed with my progress never having had this much success this quickly.  The best part is, the acupressure balls really did help to curb my appetite.  I was able to eat until I was full and I really was not hungry between meals.  The diet is easy to follow and the owner Beth is amazing!  She is warm and encouraging and was extremely good at explaining the parameters of the diet!  I can't wait to see what my final results will be!

Amanda I just finished my first 10 days of the Sadkhin diet and it has gone above and beyond my expectations!  I've lost 9 pounds and feel great.  Beth has been so supportive and helpful.  I can't wait to see how the next 10 days go!

Sharon I lost 46 pounds on the Sadkhin program and have managed to keep it off. Beth was an excellent weight loss coach that truly helped me through the process and gave me great tips to maintain it. It was all natural and easy to manage.

Patricia 5 Stars!!

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